UPDATED 09/21/12 6:27 a.m.

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) — A dance teacher in Aurora is out of a job, after allegedly duct-taping a student’s mouth shut during class.

A parent reportedly witnessed the incident through a viewing window at Steps Dance Studio, 4054 Fox Valley Center.

The parent rushed in and told the teacher to remove the duct tape at once, then reported the incident to managers.

The artistic director at the dance studio tells CBS 2 the incident was an isolated event, and that the studio has never had an incident like it before.

“We deeply regret that this action took place, because we really care about the safety of our students and families, and we are always looking out to make sure that safety comes first with all of our children,” said artistic director Rebecca Rosenberg.

The instructor has been fired and replaced.

Police were not involved, and the instructor has not been charged with any crimes.