(WSCR) Two days after ESPN cameras caught Jay Cutler blatantly ignoring offensive coordinator Mike Tice creating a dash of media-driven controversy, all is well between the quarterback and OC.

Talking to reporters at Halas Hall on Wednesday, Tice said the frustration stemmed from the Bears not converting on a third-and-1 run.

“He probably had enough of me telling him why the play didn’t work,” Tice said. “I get enough of me sometimes, too. I can talk a little bit. The heat of the battle, it’s tough. A lot of things happen on the sideline, lot of things happen in the course of the game. I was really angry about the fact that we didn’t make that third-and-1. I was in his ear all the way from the time he came off the field to the time he went over and put his helmet down. And, you know, at a certain point probably enough is enough.

“I wasn’t angry at him. I was venting to why the play didn’t work and probably at a certain point, ‘OK, OK.’ We move on and he had a great game. I am pleased with his performance. He had a couple of really nice checks for us. So, he’s doing the things we are asking him to do. He is understanding the things that I would like to see him do as far as managing the line of scrimmage so I am very pleased with his game.”

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