CHICAGO (CBS) — A Palatine woman has been arrested on charges she stole more than $200,000 from her 98-year-old grandmother.

Jennifer Curtis, 43, of the 300 block of Tanglewood in Palatine, wrote checks, made electronic payments and forged electronic wire transfers from her grandmother’s financial accounts to pay for Curtis’ credit cards, loans, vacations and other expenses, according to the Cook County sheriff’s department.

Curtis, who was her grandmother’s power of attorney from October 2005 to July 2011, would intercept bank and credit card statements from her grandmother’s Indian Head Park residence so she would not see the withdrawals.

The statements showed charges for trips to the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica and cities all over the United States, in addition to charges for restaurants, apparel, food, gas and car payments.

After becoming suspicious, family members changed the power of attorney to a niece of the victim and contacted law enforcement.

The total amount of the loss is over $200,000.

Curtis was charged with forgery and senior financial exploitation, both felonies. Her bond was set at $100,000.