(CBS) As the Bears prepare to take on the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football, many are comparing the merits of the two polarizing quarterbacks.

It makes sense. Both Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford are loaded with talent, but they also both have a habit of struggling at times.

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Cutler receives a ton of criticism for his attitude, but others defend him because the Bears’ system and lack of weapons (until this season) have held him back. If you ask former quarterback Phil Simms, however, he’d take the Bears quarterback over Stafford because he prefers both Cutler’s attitude and production within his offensive system.

“I’m going to take Jay Cutler because the guy has a big arm,” the CBS analyst said on CBS Sports Network’s “NFL MONDAY QB”. “I like the fact that he is athletic and can move around. And he is not afraid to take chances. And he does not get to play, he does not have the benefit of playing in one of those pass-heavy offenses where you can put up all of these really fancy numbers, which are not that real. But his are real.”

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And while Cutler has come under fire for bumping left tackle J’Marcus Webb in Green Bay and walking away from offensive coordinator Mike Tice in Dallas, Simms says the quarterback’s attitude is a good thing.

“Let’s come down to this too – and I mean this as a compliment. (Cutler is) mean. He’s an angry guy. And I think angry is a big part of being a quarterback in the NFL,” Simms said.

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So who would you prefer on your team: Cutler or Stafford?