CHICAGO (CBS) — A teenager is telling the story of her rescue from one of Chicago’s most recognizable high rises.

Emily Rabinovich, 18, was in an elevator when a power outage occurred around 10:30 p.m. Thursday at Marina City, in the 300 block of North Dearborn Street.

Firefighters had to ride another elevator to the 10th floor, take the roof off the elevator cab and place a harness around Rabinovich.

The scariest part was the rescue itself.

“You know, jumping from one elevator to another one, I was scared I was going to fall through the gap” between the cars, Ravinovich said.

While she was trapped for about an hour, she was on the phone with her parents, who were in the lobby of the building.

“They were cracking jokes and singing to me and all that other stuff and being good parents,” said Rabinovich. “In the beginning, I was thinking the worst possible scenarios, but I think everyone does that. I calmed down after like 20 minutes.”

Rabinovich was not injured, and the power is back on at Marina City.

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