JOLIET (CBS) — Joliet police say DNA evidence finally caught up to a man who sexually assaulted a toddler six years ago.

Demetrius A. Beal, 27, was taken into custody Tuesday a few days after investigators obtained a warrant charging him with predatory criminal sexual assault.

In May 2006, the mother of a then-20-month-old girl brought the child to the hospital and said she had been molested, Detective Sgt. Darrell Gavin said.

Beal, who was the mother’s boyfriend at the time, was interviewed but denied involvement, Gavin said.

“DNA evidence was obtained at the hospital but there were no hits in the database.”

After the case grew cold, Beal was arrested in August 2008 for cocaine possession. Initially sentenced to two years of probation and 30 hours of community service, he dodged his court appearances the following year and was sentenced to a year in prison.

“As with any offender in the Department of Corrections, he had to provide a DNA sample upon his release from prison,” Gavin said.

Investigators checked again and found Beal’s DNA matched their evidence from the molestation case, police said.

“We had to re-interview some subjects and it took some time to get hospital subpoenas and have them respond,” Gavin said. “But the state’s attorney’s officer reviewed the case and obtained a warrant Friday.”

He’s being held on $350,000 bail.