BOCA RATON, Fla. — In the final presidential debate on Monday, President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney traded sharp attacks over their vision for foreign policy.

It was the last time voters would have an opportunity to compare the candidates face-to-face.

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Obama had some sharp attacks for Romney when he flat-out told him that every time he has offered an opinion, he has been wrong.

According to a CBS News poll, Romney’s best score in the debate came on the issue of China.

He said China can be a partner of the United States but it doesn’t mean they can just roll all over Americans and steal jobs.

The most memorable discussion of the night was when the candidates debated cuts to the military.

Romney criticized the president, pointing out that the Navy has fewer ships than 1917.

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The president sarcastically commented, “We also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our miltary’s changed.”

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, last night’s was calmer, more cordial unlike last week’s town hall when the candidates circled each other like boxers sparring in a ring.

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This time there was much to agree on, including the support of Israel, the need to replace president Assad in Syria and the elimination of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

If anybody came into this thinking there would be a game changer in this campaign, they went away disappointed.

A CBS News instant poll of uncommitted voters found 53 percent thought Obama won the debate. Twenty-three percent favored Romney and 24 percent called it a tie.

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