CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has headed from the kitchen to the library at the federal prison in suburban Denver, as he continues his 14-year sentence for corruption charges.

WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports Blagojevich’s former defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said the ex-governor began his prison sentence in March like any other inmate; washing dishes, pots, and pans.

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But Adam said Blagojevich found that job painfully boring, and he’s looking for a change.

“He’s either in the library, or just about to get in the library,” Adam said.

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Even before the library gig, Blagojevich was busy reading to relieve the boredom, thanks to books sent to him by Adam’s father and fellow defense attorney, Sam Adam Sr.

“He and my father now are studying Ulysses S. Grant. He sends presidential books every month, and now they’re up to Grant,” Adam Jr. said.

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He said the experience has been good for Blagojevich and his father.

“I told you, Blago is the son my father never had. He’s the intellectual,” Adam said.

He said he remains confident Blagojevich will win his appeal, which is making its way through the federal court system. Adam said Blagojevich’s morale is holding up, because he’s also confident about the appeal.

“My understanding is all the transcripts have been at least done, and they’re starting the process of writing that appeal,” Adam said.

He asserted Blagojevich’s 14-year sentence won’t be the final word in the case.

“I’ll predict it,” Adam said. “The very question of did you get a right to present your defense has been very good for the defendant – not very good on other things – very good for the defendant. Did you get a right to present your defense? And he clearly did not, and I think that’s a very good issue.”

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Adam left the Blagojevich defense team after the first trial ended in a hung jury on all but one count, and is not directly involved in the appeal.