CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a bad day today on the subway, knowing my 30 day pass is about to expire, and the cost of a new one’s about to go up next year.

I’m bouncing around on the Red Line, reading about the planned 15 percent hike in the price of a 30-day pass, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel saying if I don’t like it – the bouncing, stalling trains being late, and the cost going up – you whiners out there, you don’t like it? You know what you can do, you can drive.

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Sure, Mr. Mayor, the people who don’t have cars to drive and can’t afford to pay more to use the CTA, and truly need a 30-day pass to take the kids to school, and then go to the grocery and a playground, and then go home.

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What, Mr. Mayor, let them walk? So you can boast another balanced budget on your résumé for re-election, or for a run for president?

No problem for you, your honor, bouncing and stalling and the price going up. No sweat, sir. Call your limo.

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