CHICAGO (CBS) — Read your phone bill carefully.

The Citizen’s Utility Board is calling Illinois cell phone bills the new frontier for an old fraud called cramming.

“It’s when third-party companies cram charges on phone bills for services you never ordered, or never received,” said CUB executive Director David Kolata.

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Kolata said cramming has doubled in the last year in Illinois, citing one woman’s cell phone bill discovery.

It was “for extra special voice mail,” Kolata said. “She never ordered it, of course. We looked into it and the only thing ‘extra special’ about is was the extra $4.99 a month that it cost.”

Kolata says one CUB attorney had to read through 45 pages to discover Wisemedia had crammed $9.99 a month onto her bill.

Kolata says read your cell phone bill carefully, demand a refund for any cramming, call the Illinois Attorney General’s office and CUB if you find any.

He also urged co and support legislation to end third-party charges onto cell phone bills.