CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s no cheering the Chicago Bears this week, so I’m looking for something else to feel good about; to say “that’s fabulous,” and “right on,” and “go for it.”

Well, right on Mayor Emanuel. Go for the parking meters in Chicago. Stand firm, don’t pay the $61 million Chicago Parking Meters LLC wants to be reimbursed for; what it loses when meters are out of service for street repairs or neighborhood fairs, and reimbursed for what it loses when people cheat the meters with disability signs.

Oh, how sad for the meter company, which is making an average $50 million a year on those bleeping meters, and has a contract worth more than $3 billion, charging us to park.

Mayor Emanuel says many of the charges are false, or miscalculated, and are cheating the taxpayers. He says he won’t allow that, which is such music to a taxpayer’s ear that we don’t need to rah rah rah the Bears. Let’s rah rah rah Rahm.

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