By Walter Jacobson

CHICAGO (CBS) — A for-sure story in the news in Chicago –- always for sure — is a burglary off the hoity-toity Michigan Avenue, and doubly for-sure if it’s on Oak Street on the Gold Coast.

Like the burglary this morning of the exquisite Jimmy Choo store, where one shoe can cost $1,000. And if you want the other shoe to go with it, $1,000 more. Two thousand dollars for a pair of shoes.

Or, if you’re thinking maybe a purse for Christmas, Jimmy Choo has them, too, for $15,000. But you better hurry, because due to the burglary, the pickings are slimmer than usual.

The police are telling us the crooks got away with some purses, and all the shoes they could carry. One heck of a swipe, wouldn’t you say? A truly newsworthy rip-off of a truly hoity-toity store.

Wouldn’t you love to know who’s buying $2,000 shoes and $15,000 purses? I would.