By Derrick Blakley

(CBS) — Four years ago, they witnessed something they never thought they’d live to see: the inauguration of an African-American president.

Now, a group of women from a South Side church with a special connection to President Obama are going back to D.C. for his second inaugural.

They shared their memories and their excitement with CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley.

Trinity United Church of Christ isn’t just any church. It’s Barack Obama’s former church.

“We were excited about him then, but we didn’t see him as the president of the United States,” Trinity member Clementine Coleman says.

But when Obama became president four years ago, 23 women from Trinity were there. Now, they’re going back for a replay, after the country rendered a second vote of confidence.

“The people felt that he had done a good job. The people have put a stamp of approval on him,” Vivian Durham says.

To win election the first time, the president distanced himself from former Trinity pastor Jeremiah Wright over comments some saw as anti-American.

“In order to win the election, he did what he needed to do,” Trinity member Sarah Ayers says.

The controversy didn’t stop Trinity members from attending the first inaugural and making souvenir scrapbooks.

“We were just so excited. I had to collect everything i could get my hands on,” Durham says.

They collected souvenir jewelry, memorial presidential pins and pendants from the last swearing-in and a sparkling bracelet for this one.

“The big picture is just being able to go one more time,” Coleman says.

The Trinity women leave for Washington Friday. Some are hoping they’ll have a seat for the ceremony. The last time, they stood in the cold.

Coleman is in for a special treat. She won a lottery to attend the inaugural ball.

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