Bradley Sisters

Age progression pictures of Diamond and Tionda Bradley, who have been missing since July 6, 2001. (Credit: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

CHICAGO (CBS) — The great-aunt of the two missing Bradley sisters, Tionda and Diamond, has helped start a new program to identify the remains of the unclaimed.

Tionda Bradley would have just turned 22, and Diamond would be 15 now.

Their great-aunt, Sheliah Bradley Smith, has led the family’s search for them since they disappeared more than 11 years ago.

And during that time, Smith says she has been moved by the number of human remains that have been discovered–and unidentified and unclaimed.

Now she has helped start a program called “Adopt a Doe.”

She has unofficially adopted a Jane Doe whose remains were found in Cook County in 2005 in the early spring.

And she has named her Spring.

“Spring is now my daughter,” she said. “So I have to provide her with the same love, attention and care as I do my own daughter.”

In this case, that means keeping track of her case and encouraging investigators to find her identity by entering the information into the nationwide unidentified persons database called NamUs.