CHICAGO (CBS) — An Oak Park activist says he’ll try to get his Eagle Scout pin back, now that the Boy Scouts are ending their policy of gay exclusion.

Rob Breymaier says to protest discrimination against gays, he formed Ranger Scouts as an alternative scout group for his 8-year-old son and returned his own cherished Eagle Scout pin.

“I did not want to leave scouting, but I felt I had no choice because of the stance and because of the discriminatory policies,” he said. “I didn’t want to have to do it, but I felt there was no other choice for me.”

Breymaier says now that Scouting’s National headquarters is reversing its anti gay policy, he’ll return the Rangers to the Scouting fold.

He said he would try to get his Eagle Scout pin back from national headquarters after the organization had a real change of heart.

“I would definitely like to get my pin back.”