By Matt Spiegel-

(CBS) For you perhaps, or for the casual fan, or for your guests at a rousing chaotic gathering, I offer further levels of couch enjoyment.

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Some of these (which I’ve been doing varietals of for years) may show up on the myriad online prop bet websites. But most will not. One day the bit may become fully absorbed into the Vegas machinery and obsolete, but not yet.

The guest who gets the most of the following prop bets correct should win something…you decide what.  At my sister’s party, it will probably be a Slingbox, a Mondopad, a Bose soundbar, and some Extra Root Beer Float gum.  What generosity!

Cut and paste everything from here on out into a word document, and off you go.  Trounce your living room compatriots!

NAME  (yours)  __________________________                               

All categories, unless otherwise noted, are for the game itself from kickoff to final gun; no pre-game, studio halftime, half time commercials, or post-game content should be included. A broadcast “reference,” as stated in the following categories, includes any commercial, video bumper, broadcaster mention, or wordless on-screen graphic.

1. Of the total commercials in the first half of play, which will be represented more; beer or cars? 5 years ago, this was an even split…4 to 4, then 2 years of 5-3 for cars…2 years ago 11-3 in favor of cars, and last year cars big again.  So, we set a line. Choose one:  Cars – 3.5 over Beer. 

2. Predict the total verbal or image references during the game for an all new episode of ELEMENTARY, coming up on CBS right after the game. This includes commercials. The over/under is 6 and ½.

3. Predict the total verbal or image references during the game for the CBS Monday night comedy lineup (any reference to HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, 2 BROKE GIRLS, MIKE AND MOLLY, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) Same rules as above. A commercial referencing more than 1 of the shows still counts as just 1. The over/under is 7 and 1/2.

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4. Predict the total number of camera shots of Proud Papa Jack Harbaugh, in his seat or box during the game.  The over/under is 3 and ½.

5. Predict the total number of pictures or videos showing young Jim and John Harbaugh.  The over/under is 1 and 1/2.

6. Any mention of the word “Pistol,” or reference to the “Pistol formation,” by Phil Simms, Jim Nantz, Steve Tasker, or Solomon Wilcots.  The over/under is 6 and ½.

7.  Predict how many times annoying rube Phil Simms will admit he was wrong about something.  This includes past documented instances like “my bad,” “I don’t know what I was thinking,” “check that,” and “forget it,” or other new and thrilling examples.   The over/under is 1 and 1/2.

8. . Still images or video of Ray Lewis as a younger Baltimore Raven.  This could be a shot of him in Super Bowl, XXXV, or perhaps his first career sack, of Colts QB Jim Harbaugh.    The over/under is 1 and 1/2.

9.  Total number of verbal or image references to either former 49’er QBs Joe Montana or Steve Young.  “Young Colin Kaepernick is in some good company…”  The over/under is 1 and ½.

10. Name 3 former super bowl winning coaches who will be mentioned by name. This can be in the form of a comparison, or a statistical record, or in any other context.  Think what the story lines for either victorious coach might be.  ________________,  __________________, and __________________.

Happy gambling, America. Now you can make your own, recliner-bound, vice-infused fun.

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