CHICAGO (CBS) — Community activists are seeking the return of affordable housing options in Lakeview.

They say they won’t go without a fight, not even on a rainy day, chanting and marching outside buildings that for quite some time, offered SRO’s, or single room occupancy units to those who had no other options.

Al Garcia’s been dealing with residents, about to be evicted.

“They have waited so long to have a place that they can call home that is affordable for their income and now that they have to leave, their options as to where to go are zero to none. So they are probably going to be put out probably to live on the street,” said Garcia.

Garcia says the issue started when BJB Properties bought the Sheffield House at 3834 N. Sheffield, and four other buildings in Lakeview and decided to renovate and do away with the SROs. A call placed to BJB Properties has so far not been returned.