Chicago (CBS) — And you thought the chocolate-filled, heart-shaped box you got for Valentine’s Day was cute. Looks like the Brookfield Zoo has that beat.

That’s right, the keepers at the Brookfield Zoo are, as it turns out, romantics at heart when it comes to the animals in their care. Some animals on Thursday received special heart-shaped treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day. See photographic proof here. Warning: these extremely cute photos may drastically improve your mood.

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Brookfield Zoo gave the treats to a variety of animals, including bottlenose dolphins, lowland gorillas and grey seals. According to the Chicago Zoological Society, the animals staff at Brookfield Zoo is always thinking of ways to physically and mentally stimulate the animals at Brookfield Zoo. One way is by providing them with a variety of different enrichment and food items they normally do not receive on a regular basis. Hence, the heart-shaped treats.

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The treats aren’t your average candy fare seen on Valentine’s Day, mind you — no chocolate for these animals. For example, Brookfield Zoo’s lowland gorillas received nutritious cookies made of ground primate biscuit, oatmeal, bananas, raisins, and peanut butter.

Covering 216 acres, Brookfield Zoo has been around since 1934. It’s known for many accomplishments, including being the first zoo in North America to exhibit giant pandas.

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Click here to see a photo gallery of zoo animals receiving their Valentine’s Day treats.