CHICAGO (CBS) — On this Valentine’s Day, a Naperville man says he has a way to tell whether your Valentine is right for you.

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WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports reading lip prints is a relatively new form of entertainment. Michael Kett, of Naperville, is one of the disciples of Jilly Eddy, a Seattle woman who created what she calls lipsology.

Looking at a lipstick smudge of a man or woman’s lip print, Kett says he can tell a lot about the person’s personality.

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“If there’s like a little, a divot or like a V in the middle of the bottom lower lip, that’s called a gourmet lip split. And those people are not a cheap date. They like to be wined and dined. They like to be pampered,” he said.

Kett is the first to admit lipsology is no science. He performs at weddings, parties and events and sees it as purely entertainment, similar to palm reading or astrology.

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