BURNHAM, Ill. (CBS) – Two bodies have been found buried in shallow graves in the south suburbs.

The sign says dumping is illegal. But that’s exactly how landowners think a pair of bodies unearthed in Burnham got there.

The locals say Burnham police and the FBI showed up and scoured this wooded lot on the Indiana-Illinois state line Thursday.

An employee of Carl Carlsson called to share the news that human remains were covered in three feet of rubble.

“That wasn’t just any homeless person just dying and laying on the ground,” he tells CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

Published reports say the skeletal remains could have been buried among the weeds and burned out buildings for a couple of years.

A demolition company once dumped debris in the area. Landowners say the debris could have had the bodies mixed in.

“They had a lot of concrete and a lot of debris, and they picked it up with a ‘biter bucket’ that squeezes the concrete like a clamshell and then dumps it in a truck. So, they could have scooped something up,” Carlsson says.

The Burnham police chief has referred all questions to the FBI, which declined comment.