CHICAGO (CBS) — Scientists in the Chicago area said Friday the kind of tumultuous weather we’ve been having is just more evidence of global warming, and a reason to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports AccuWeather chief forecaster Elliot Abrams said long-term data show global temperatures are rising; it’s indisputable.

“We’ve seen some of the effects of that, I think. The atmosphere in a warmed world will be able to accommodate more water vapor, and if there’s more water vapor available to a given storm, perhaps it can get stronger,” Abrams said.

DePaul University environmental science professor Mark Potosnak said Chicago area residents can see that for themselves.

“Whether it was the snowstorm last week, or Superstorm Sandy, we find out that these weather events are very consistent with what we expect to happen in a warming world,” he said.

Chris Appelt, an associate professor of biological sciences at St. Xavier University, said there’s clear evidence of climate change leading to the melting of the Arctic ice cap.

“When we see all that happening, we see a lot of biological things happening as well. We see various animals and plants changing where they live, changing their behaviors, and we have species interacting with each other who normally wouldn’t encounter each other,” he said.

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