(CBS) — It’s a health concern. It’s inconvenient, and more than anything else, it’s disgusting.

That’s what one downstate family says about the raw sewage problem in their home.

As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, they say the person who’s supposed to fix it won’t.

Warning: This raw sewage back-up in a shower is disgusting to look at.

But Dana Sebesta and her family are living with it.

“Every time we have to clean this up,” she says.

It’s been happening off and on for three months, now — solidly, if you will, for three weeks. And it’s not just a toilet flush that causes the back-up in the family’s Utica mobile home.

“Anytime we use water, laundry, sink, toilet, shower – anything,” Sebesta says.

The Sebestas have tried to fix it. Receipts from plumbers and roto rooters hang on their fridge. They clearly state it’s an underground septic-tank issue.

And, according to the Illinois Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act, anything underground falls to the park’s owner, Leah Blankenship. But the Sebestas say she hasn’t done anything.

Blankenship said she’s aware, and she’s concerned. But she doesn’t have the money to fix the problem right now.

Sebesta says her family can’t afford to move and can’t risk living like this any longer.

“We’re kind of at a loss right now because we’ve done everything we can,” she says.

The LaSalle County Health Department is looking into the problem.