OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) — It was a brazen, daylight home break-in that triggered a large-scale search for two burglary suspects, who also damaged a police squad car.

Oak Park Police deployed canine teams, and went door-to-door in the 600 blocks of Scoville Avenue and East Avenue in search of the burglars.

In making their getaway, one of the thieves backed his car into a police squad car, hitting it hard enough to deploy both air bags and smashing the front end.

At the home the burglars struck, the residents were out of town, but a neighbor across the street was keeping an eye on the house, and saw the incident unfold.

“I saw him open screen door and he kicked in the door so I had my phone right away and I called 911,” said Carolyn Becker, who witnessed the burglary.

“I saw him bring out a big, maybe a 42-inch TV put it in the back of an SUV. By that time the police car came behind him and another police car came in the other direction and the SUV then backed up into the police car, disabling the car, and the SUV took off.”

The officer in the damaged squad car broadcast a description of the SUV and Illinois State Police arrested the suspects in the 600 block of Kedzie, in Oak Park, about an hour after the break-in. No one was injured.