(CBS) – Simeon makes history as the first Chicago public school to win four consecutive state titles for basketball.

But this team should be remembered for more than their hoops skills. As CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, these are some pretty smart student athletes — with emphasis on student.

It was a historic victory, making Simeon the first Chicago public school to earn the “4peat” title.

The celebration in the locker room became a YouTube favorite, and Monday back at school the players continued their status as Simeon superstars.

“It’s an honor making history. It means a lot for the community and the Simeon program,” player Jaylon Tate says. “It still shows that kids can do something productive and do something for their lives.

This team is producing both on and off the courts. Top player Jabari Parker is headed to Duke, and both Tate and Kendrick Nunn are going to the University of Illinois. Kendall Pollard is going to the University of Dayton.

In fact, all the seniors are going to college.

“I think what our team has shown is there’s excellence in the hood. You can be smart, you can be cool, you can be an athlete,” principal Sheldon House says.

Nunn has another message.

“Work hard and stay humble. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You have to work hard for it; it pays off,” he says.

Simeon will celebrate its victory on Wednesday with a pep rally at the school.

Parents and the community are invited.