By Roseanne Tellez

CHICAGO (CBS) — A robbery victim spots police and thinks help is on the way. But that relief turned to terror, when police started shooting at him.

In this original report, the man who says he was shot 11 times by mistake tells CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez that Chicago Police should pay for that mistake.

“I got shot in my toes, my thighs, hands, arms,”the store owner said.

A West side store owner is camera shy, fearful after armed robbers hit his store in March of last year. He was shot 11 times, but it wasn’t the robbers who fired. He says it was Chicago police.

The owner said he had no gun in his hand and said, “Don’t shoot, I’m the owner.”

He says the robbers took off, dropping one gun in the parking lot, and another in the store. He says he picked it up briefly for protection but when he saw police, dropped it.

“For them to be shooting that many bullets at someone who was not pointing a gun at them, and posed no imminent threat of harm, is unacceptable,” said Attorney Justin London.

Attorney Justin London, who filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the city in Federal Court says his client was treated like a criminal.

“At this point they start treating him as a suspect. He’s handcuffed,” said London.

London says he was cuffed in the ambulance and at the hospital too.

“And what’s beyond belief they put robbers, who were also shot, in the same room. It’s just incredible,” said London.

At the time of the shooting, Police Union spokesman Pat Camden said, “Officers heard a shot inside the store and returned fire.”

In response to Camden’s comments, the store owner said, “They’re making something up because they shot me and want to cover up the story.”
At the time of the shooting police news affairs said officers fired after being confronted by armed suspects.

The City Law department declined comment tonight, saying they’ve not had a chance to fully review the suit.

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