(CBS) — Toll road drivers, beware. There’s another charge coming down the road you may not know about.

It’s a surcharge for drivers who have their transponder in the wrong place. If the gate won’t go up and you have to ask for help, you’ll have to pay a fee.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

When your toll road transponder doesn’t seem to raise the gate, it makes the E Z-Pass lanes not so easy.

You could say the writing’s on the wall, with a new charge for drivers to deal with.

Starting May 1, if you don’t have your transponder mounted properly, and you have to ask for help to get through, you’ll be hit with a $1 surcharge.

The E Z-Pass website has a warning about the charge and a “how to” guide for mounting the gadget properly in the center of the windshield.

Indiana State Trooper Arthur Latiker says he hopes the new fee will encourage drivers to get it right. That way, they won’t try to back out and change lanes when there is a problem.

“They’ll try to change lanes, they’ll get T-boned. They’ll get knocked into the actual toll plaza concrete itself,” he says.

So what happens if you have the device installed properly and still need help?

The company that runs the road did not respond for comment.

The E Z-Pass website says you can try to dispute it by contacting customer care.