CRESTWOOD, Ill. (CBS) – South suburban authorities continued searching Saturday for a 21-year-old Crestwood man who disappeared earlier this week in a despondent mood.

A relative of James Sylvester says he was last seen at home Wednesday night, when he said he was leaving to visit a friend. However, that same friend later told the family he received an “alarming” message from Sylvester, the missing man’s cousin, Tricia Demuth, said.

Since early Thursday, his cell phone has not been active. Nor has there been any activity on his bank card, police said.

Sylvester’s last phone activity was tracked to 135th and Harlem, near a forest preserve area, Crestwood Detective Chris Soderlund said. On Saturday, Crestwood police did an aerial search via helicopter, with no luck.

“They’re beyond distraught,” Soderlund said of Sylvester’s family. “The dad sits for hours by the window waiting for the son to come home, and it’s just not happening.”

Sylvester had become despondent over a relationship, Demuth said. He drives a gold 2002 Honda Civic two-door with license number N253967, his family says.

Anyone with information can call Crestwood police at (708) 371-4800 during regular business hours, or (708) 385-5131 after-hours.