(CBS) The debate has been ongoing for years, gaining more and more traction as television and sponsorship deals reach exorbitant figures.

And the question still remains: Should collegiate athletes be paid by the schools making millions off their ability?

ChicagoSide recently interviewed a number of high school athletes at the McDonald’s All-American media day to get reaction from those at the center of this debate.

“I think it crosses my mind all the time,” junior star Bobby Portis, who has committed to Arkansas, said. “I am playing for the university. They are making money off me. They are making money through tickets and the food people buy at the games. And the coach is making money, too, off of us winning and playing hard for them.

“I think it’s kind of crazy. They’ll have our jersey and a place in the gym for people to buy it and when people will buy our jerseys they will make money off our name.”

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