By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) – There have been no arrests since a 6-month-old baby girl was fatally shot in the Woodlawn neighborhood a month ago.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports on why the trail seems to have gone cold.

In neighborhood where Jonylah Watkins lived with her family, there was no answer at their home Friday. Neighbors say they haven’t seen much of the parents since a gunman – whom police believe was targeting the father — fatally wounded the baby on March 11.

Tana McCoo knows the child’s mother.

“She lost her baby, first born. She don’t have nothing now,” she says. “It’s sad, it’s sad.”

Police continue to search for answers, asking questions of residents. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy previously has said he thinks the case is solvable.

“This is an ongoing investigation. There are strong gang overtones, and detectives are working diligently to find and bring Jonylah’s killer to justice,” a police spokesman said in a statement Friday.

Community activist Andrew Holmes thinks police would be closer to solving the case if they had more help from the community. He thinks people are afraid.

“If you know who this shooter is and you’re not telling, then you might as well have pulled the trigger yourself,” he says.

Holmes monitors a tip line and shares the information with police. He says he’s gotten more than 100 calls, and he’s hoping for more.

Dorothy Tucker