CHICAGO (CBS) — A violent scene on the North Side is caught on tape: Late-night customers brawling inside a restaurant.

The video, which has gone viral online, shows several patrons, shoving, punching and throwing chairs.

The incident happened March 24 at 3 a.m. inside Bacci Pizzeria in Wrigleyville, one hour before closing time.

Police say two women become upset when some other women cut in the food line.

That’s when the mayhem started.

“That’s crazy,” said Nathan Rodriguez, who works at a bar nearby. “I go in there all the time to eat.”

While the video is shocking, Rodriguez says it can happen after the bars close and the hungry converge on places like Bacci.

By the time Chicago Police arrived, the fighting was over.

“All you can do is go behind and counter and call police,” said Chris Maimonis, who gets paid to clean up after the partying is done.

“You get people drinking out here and they get aggressive. You hear about fights.”

Two women were treated for minor injuries and there were no arrests.