CHICAGO (CBS) — Baseball players from Brooks and Payton high schools will be face-to-face even before their controversial make-up game next weekend.

Face-to-face as in having breakfast together on Friday as Chicago Public Schools headquarters, 125 S. Clark, the Sun-Times reports.

The two teams are scheduled to play on May 11 at Gwendolyn Brooks High School at 111th Street and King Drive.

The breakfast is designed to ease any tensions.

The two teams had been scheduled to play last Saturday, but according to Payton baseball coach William Wittleder, some of the parents feared for their boys’ safety and refused to travel to the Roseland neighborhood.

Payton principal Timothy Devine disputed that account, saying that nobody ordered a bus to take the players to the game.

“The situation has slighted parents at Brooks and made Payton parents feel they are unfairly being labeled as racist,” an unidentified source told the Sun-Times.

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