(CBS) — For two years now, police in Munster, Ind. have been searching for an eye doctor who vanished.

Promila Mehta-Paul disappeared shortly after making a deposit at a local bank. On Thursday, there was some activity at the missing woman’s house.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.

A trash bin marked “junk removal” sat outside the home where Dr. Mehta-Paul built her life. The woman is feared dead.

Neighbors in her subdivision say they still get a chilling feeling as they pass by.

“I was just walking the dogs today and I just notice it there now,” Joyce Kozlowski says of the trash bin. “I don’t know what’s going on.”

Neither do police, who searched her home and combed the area around it with volunteers on horseback when she disappeared in March 2011.

Police believe Dr. Mehta-Paul was driving home from her practice in her gold Toyota Rav4. She stopped by her Highland, Ind. bank, where surveillance photos captured the last known images of her as she made a deposit.

“No one has seen or heard from her. There’s been no activity on her checking account. … She’s just kind of fallen off the face of the earth,” Lt. Edward Strbjak says.

Police say one of the doctor’s sons, Paresh Paul, is still considered a person of interest. He has never been charged in connection with his mother’s disappearance.

He was detained by border patrol days after she vanished — he was walking back across from Mexico — and hasn’t talked to police since.

Dr. Mehta-Paul’s DNA is now part of a missing persons database, in case it turns up somewhere.