(CBS) –Elgin Police Friday seized 22 dogs and four cats from one home.

An anonymous caller prompted Elgin Police to visit the home of 51-year-old Sherry Dove, on the 100 block of Villa Street.  The caller told police they would find at least 14 dogs, and expressed concern for their well-being.  Animal Control Officer James Rog said he found a lot more than that.

“Out of the 22 dogs, some were Chihuahuas, some were pit (bull) mixes, some were terrier mixes,” he said.  “There didn’t appear to be any fighting or aggression.”

Rog said the home reeked of urine and dog feces, but said all of the animals appeared to be well-fed.  He did not know how Dove, her 19-year-old daughter Felicia and 24-year-old Robert Groves could afford to feed so many animals.  Rog said it could simply be a case of kind-hearted people who couldn’t say no.

All face misdemeanor cruelty charges, as well as charges for failing to inoculate the animals.  The Doves and Groves were given 24 hours to clean up the 1,700 square-foot home – or see it condemned.

Elgin ordinances limit dog owners to three in homes and two in apartments.  The animals are being evaluated at the Golf Rose Animal Hospital.

Rog said no decision has been made on the disposition of the animals, all of which appeared to be in good condition physically, or whether the Doves and Groves would be allowed to keep any of them.

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