CHICAGO (CBS) — Letter carriers are hoping to collect a million pounds of food just from the Chicago area during the Stamp Out Hunger Drive being held at your mailbox on Saturday.

Letter Carriers Vice President Michael Caref says the idea is to feed the hungry, but he wouldn’t mind making a point at the same time about keeping Saturday deliveries.

“Yeah, a little bit. Ironically, we have been doing the national food drive for 20 years before they came up with this idea about killing Saturday mail delivery. But it is ironic because we wre in the commiunity every day and Saturday is an important day and people are home a lot and that is why we chose to do the home drive on a Saturday,” said Caref.

Caref says anyone wanting to donate can just leave non perishable food at their mailbox .. and the letter carrier will pick it up for central sorting and distribution after dropping off your mail on Saturday.