By Marissa Bailey

CHICAGO (CBS) — A new survey out this week found that the biggest distraction at work is noisy coworkers.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey has more on what noises people find most distracting and why noise — actually helps one local company.

When asked what her biggest distraction at work is, Sheila Jackson said, “Loud coworkers and those that pop gum.”

Joe Griffith said that, “Someone that I work with actually watches TV on her Hulu account.”

Opera singer Kristin Schwecke said her biggest workplace distraction is, “People that tap their feet or their pencils when you’re trying to concentrate.”

There’s always someone at work that just can’t keep quiet and now a new study finds 61 percent of people say — noisy coworkers are the biggest distraction.

I’m very easily distracted. I always like to know what’s going on,” said Kris Chinosorn.

He’s the co-founder of Mentor Mob, a start-up company in Chicago that pushes collaboration and creativity.

There’s music, mouse clicks and meetings.

Mentor Mob managers tried splitting employees up between loud and quiet, but it seems the group experience works better for them.

It’s actually been a really good decision,” said Vince Lueng.

And whether it’s the gum chewer, or the TV watcher, experts say more self-awareness would make for a happier work place.

40 percent of people in the survey say impromptu meetings with co-workers who just stop by, is the second largest distraction. Still noisy co-workers wins hands down

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