(CBS) — A Lombard woman is being honored for her persistence over days to help save some ducklings

Ginger Frey didn’t just save some ducklings that were stuck beneath a sewer grate outside her home.  She was at it for four days, refusing to give up.

“You can’t just let little ducks die.  You know they’re in the sewer. You know they’re not going anywhere,” she tells WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser.

She enlisted the help of neighbors, police, firefighters, public works employees,  the Willowbrook Wildlife Center and PETA.

In the end, three ducklings were pulled out.

“You gotta help them. They’re just little babies and they’re all alone and cold and hungry and it’s dirty water,” she says. “It was breaking my heart.  I couldn’t eat or sleep for days.”

PETA is giving Ginger and others involved Compassion Awards.

But Frey says:  “I really didn’t do that much.”

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