CHICAGO (CBS) — The President is in his house tonight, and his night was all about taking back the House of Representatives.

The motorcade topic was A and Brian Park was out of his home, surprised the latter fundraiser at a neighbor’s home.

“I got this portable camera because I couldn’t have access to a cell phone,” said Brian Park.

Earlier, the President said to supporters, “My remarks are going to be relatively brief because game seven.”

Students at UIC covered by the school’s health insurance will have an added benefit come the fall: sex change surgery.

The attendees paid from $500 a head to up to $32,000 and $400 per couple at a private soiree with a seat next to Nancy Pelosi.

“Why am I doing it? Because I think they’re gonna make a difference for America,” said Dr. Mary Davidson.

In a lighter moment, the President serenaded DCCC Chairman Steve Israel with “Happy Birthday.”

“We’ve got to defend five incumbents in Illinois and I think we can beat one Republican in Illinois so this is the center of political gravity for us,” said Israel.

One target: Republican freshman Rodney Davis out of Springfield, but he’s already raised $400,000.

One incumbent to protect: Democrat Brad Schneider with only $256,000 in political coffers.

“We’ve got a great chance of taking back the house,” said Obama.

And with that the goal, he noted, “We’ve got a politics that’s stuck right now and the reason it’s stuck is because people spend more time thinking about the next election than they do the next generation.”

Mr. Obama spending the night stag in Kenwood, Mrs. Obama helped to raise $600,000 in her own right today for a Massachusetts Senate hopeful.