CHICAGO (CBS) — Bond was set Thursday at $750,000 for a Chicago man newly charged in connection with a 1992 murder.

DNA testing led police to 43-year-old Jimmie Dunlap, of Chicago, a felon and parolee convicted previously of robbery, residential burglary and a variety of drug and weapons charges.

The case made headlines at the time.

Police found blood spattered everywhere they turned in the Evanston apartment in which 25-year-old Deondra Dawson died.

Police said the killer bit her on the cheek and stabbed her no less than 34 times, leaving behind a steak knife with a blade bent at a 90-degree angle.

Her 4-year-old son was in the apartment, at 634 Sherman Ave., saw the killer fighting with his mother and even kicked him, but was sent to his room by his mother and did not witness the stabbings or murder. He was unable to provide a meaningful description of the killer.

The Cook County state’s attorney’s cold case unit last year ran DNA tests on a vaginal swab taken at the time of the murder and matched it to Dunlap.

Dunlap claimed that Dawson was a friend of his wife, that he had never been alone with her and that he learned of the murder while in jail on traffic charges, but prosecutors said that the DNA said otherwise.