(CBS) It’s easy to imagine that Major League Baseball players who spending nearly six months traveling from hotel to hotel will see some strange things along the way.

But ghosts? Actual ghosts haunting hotel rooms?

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That’s the topic Stacey Pressman of ESPN the Magazine worked to uncover in an upcoming piece for the magazine.

Pressman endeavors to tell the tale of the famed Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, which has reportedly earned a reputation for having some paranormal activity take place late in the night.

Just look at Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper’s recollection of his time at the Pfister Hotel:

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One time last summer, before I went to sleep, I laid a pair of jeans and a shirt on that table at the foot of the bed, those things in hotels that you sit on to put on your shoes. I just laid ‘em out, simple as that. When I woke up in the morning — I swear on everything — the clothes were on the floor and the table was on the opposite side of the room against the wall. I was so flustered. I honestly thought there might be someone in my room. I had no idea what the hell just happened, so I actually looked around, and then I checked to see if the door was still latched, and it was.

It’s not just a recent occurrence either. Check out Adrian Beltre’s report from 2001, courtesy of MLB.com.

During a stay there in 2001, Adrian Beltre heard knocking noises on his door, while the television and air conditioning repeatedly turned on and off. He also claimed to have heard pounding noises from the other side of his headboard like a man hitting his open hand against the wood.

Whatever the truth is, something strange is going on at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

Somebody call Ghost Busters?

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