(CBS) When the Blackhawks set out to conquer the Kings in the Western Conference Finals, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made a friendly wager on the series’ outcome.

Emanuel put up some local food and beverage – three cases of Goose Island’s 312 Lager beer and 25 Portillo’s sandwich – while Villaraigosa offered some of Los Angeles’ local treats.

Now, as the Blackhawks prepare for the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick want some action.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the loser of this gentleman’s wager will volunteer at a food bank of the winner’s choice.

As his charity, Quinn has selected the Greater Chicago Food Depository if the Blackhawks win. Patrick has chosen the Greater Boston Food Bank if the Bruins win.

“Governor Patrick is skating on thin ice by betting against the mighty Chicago Blackhawks,” Quinn said in a statement. “But the Greater Chicago Food Depository can always use extra help. So after he works a shift there, I’m happy to take Gov. Patrick to the United Center to see the Stanley Cup return home.”

Making things even more interesting, Patrick grew up in Chicago.


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