(CBS) — The number of E. coli cases tied to a west suburban restaurant is growing. The DuPage County Health Department tells CBS 2 there are 11 confirmed cases now and 10 additional probable cases.

Chris Martinez talked to two of those patients, who are now suing.

“I would’ve preferred death because that’s how bad it was,” said Liz Bernardi.

And it was then when Liz Bernardi knew she had to go to the ER.

Asked if she had ever experienced that kind of pain before, Bernardi said,” Never. Giving birth to six children, it didn’t even come close.”

What she did not know, was her five day hospital stay overlapped that of a dear friend’s daughter’s, Maddie Arnold, with both of them fighting violent infections of E coli and both linked to food from the same source.

“We ate there very regular, never a problem, never gave it a second thought, really good food,” said Bernardi.

Health officials are still testing that food at Los Burritos, thought to be ground zero for a growing list of E. coli cases and the restaurant once named a favorite by Liz and Maddie.

“A lot of people my age went there all the time,” said Maddie.

It is now named as defendant in lawsuits filed on their behalf today.

“It’s medical bills but it is also I wanted to put a face to E. coli,” said Bernardi. “I wouldn’t want anybody else to go through that and I’m just thankful my children didn’t have it.

For now Los Burritos remains closed as the health department looks into exactly where this came from. A restaurant employee told CBS 2’s Chris Martinez over the phone they are fully cooperating with that investigation.