CHICAGO (CBS) — Be a rider, not a driver. That’s the message today from the Regional Transportation Authority on the annual “Dump the Pump Day, reports WBBM’s Terry Keshner.

The RTA is joining more than 150 transit systems across the U.S. in encouraging drivers to find other ways to get around, even for just a day.

“ Different parts of this program will resonate with different people. For some, it will be every time I go to the fuel aisle and it is $5 or nearly $5 a gallon, that hurts my pocketbook,” said Metra Executive Director Alex Clifford.

“Try a different way to go to work or wherever you need to go and you might like ir,” said RTA Executive Director Joe Costello

The RTA notes that the Chicago-area population is ageing ,saying that should also turn more drivers into riders.