CHICAGO (CBS) — Next week, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior will learn his fate from a judge. Jackson pleaded guilty back in February for taking more than $750,000 from his campaign fund for personal use.

In recent weeks, several dignitaries have written letters to the judge on Jackson’s behalf. Today, Minister Louis Farrakhan publicly called on support for the entire Jackson family.

Minister Farrakhan recalls how many people came together at PUSH to pray for him, when he faced his own challenges with his health. He says in the Jackson family’s time of need, he’s doing the same.

“We at the Nation of Islam, stand with Rev. Jackson and his family and Jesse Junior and Sandi, in this hour,” said Farrakhan.

Minister Louis Farrakhan says it’s during the difficult times in life, like those the Jackson family are facing, that God should be praised.

“You can’t be perfected until manifestation of defects, come through us. So here we are. None of us are holy. Not one. None of us come through this life without making a mistake or committing a sin,” said Farrakhan

Minister Farrakhan says Rev. Jesse Jackson has done so much, for so many, over the years now others should do the same.

“This is a time for us to come together and build each other up,” said Farrakhan.

In response to Minister Farrakhan’s words of support, Rev. Jackson says, “Well I thank all people who have prayed for our family and they continue to do so and we’re so grateful.”

Jesse Jackson Junior’s sentencing takes place on July 3.