By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — This summer’s first serious heat wave is already causing problems for a lot of people. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports that at Gottlieb Hospital in Melrose Park, doctors are seeing more heat-related health issues.

The heat wave lead patient Leo Manolis to ER Dr. Matt Pirotte.

Dr. Pirotte says they have been seeing heat-related patients today and that, “A lot of the patients we see are on the older side.”

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Manolis says he has air conditioning, but that, “It doesn’t work that good.”

He is typical, on a fixed income, and thought he was ok until, “It was so hot I had trouble breathing,” said Manolis.

“As people get older into their 70s and 80s they lose their ability to sense temperature as well,” said Dr. Pirotte. “They might not know they’re getting over-heated and dehydrated. They might be doing everything correct and mother nature just kinda wins out in the end.”

He expects to there to be a cumulative effect of the heat.

“I’m sure that all the hospitals in the area will see heat related injuries as the days go by,” said Dr. Pirotte.

It’s not just here, it’s regional and affects the entire state. The governor tonight announced 100 planned cooling centers to be at the ready.

Brad Edwards