CHICAGO (CBS) — Police are trying to figure out why a man was shot in a parking lot of Meadows Golf Club in Blue Island. It happened at around 11:45 this morning.

Orville Nero practiced with a friend at Meadows Golf Course, then went to his car to put his clubs up. That’s when someone pulled up next to him and started firing. Nero was hit several times. Blue Island police say it looks like a random shooting or a case of mistaken identity.

One witness says she clearly heard three shots.

Carlotta Thornton lives across the street from where the shooting happened. She said she knew immediately what she heard were gunshots.

“I looked out, but everything was clear. It had just happened,” said Thornton.

Moments later police were on the scene.

“I couldn’t see anything except the policemen were out here, a lot of them,” said Thornton.

A worker at the golf course says he heard someone scream and ran out. He found the victim on the driver side of the car and three shell casings on the ground.

Police spent hours processing the crime scene. The car was towed away at 3:25 p.m.

Thornton still can’t believe someone was shot just steps from her house.

“Very disgusted. Very disgusted. Shocked,” said Thornton. “I guess it’s bad everywhere. You know, where can you go?

Golfers arriving to play today were also shocked to hear about what happened.

Golfer Ray Hunt thought they were fixing the parking lot when he arrived and after finding out there was a shooting, he said, “It’s like you don’t believe it, but you see the police so you know it happened.

Nero was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries