CHICAGO (CBS) — Until today, students playing adaptive sports outside of school had to abide by a different set of rules in school. Governor Quinn has changed that, reports WBBM’s Michele Fiore.

The new law signed by Quinn which takes effect immediately will allow students like Tyler Woodworth, who has cerebral palsey, to be exempt from gym class if he’d rather take something else in its place, another class, or even a study hall.

“We’re just very proud of him,” said Tyler’s father, Adam Woodworth.

Adam Woodworth is proud because Tyler’s the one who fought the rule at Lockport High School and took it to state lawmakers.

“Yeah he is very happy and I don’t know if it has all quite sunk in yet but this is something that affects so many people,” said Adam Woodworth.

It will affect people like Margie Hardigan of Oswego whose seven-year-old daughter also has cerebral palsey.

“I think this is amazing and I am getting all choked up just thinking about it,” said Hardigan.

Hardigan says it’s a blessing that families can decide for themselves whether their child would benefit more from p-e, or something else.