CHICAGO (CBS) — Friends, family and firefighters are fondly remembering a hero Chicago firefighter who has died at the age of 86, after a battle with cancer. WBBM’s Bob Roberts has his story.

One of those standing honor guard beside retired firefighter Eddie Goya’s casket was Fire Lieutenant Ricardo Vega, who owes his life to Groya.

At the age of five in 1963 Groya pulled Vega to safety from a burning building. It was another day at work for Groya, but family friend Joe Curtis it prompted Vega to become a firefighter. He was assigned to Groya’s firehouse.

“They didn’t realize that initially when this kid showed up as a rook and Ed was there and it is just really ironic that the kid that he saves winds up at the firehouse that he served most of his career,” said Curtis.

Curtis says Groya never sought the spotlight and rarely spoke of anything work-related at home, concentrating on being a loving father.

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