JOLIET (CBS) — Students are returning to school soon, but few will have a security system that never seen before in the southwest suburbs.

It includes high-tech enhancements like wireless receivers that can set off a security emergency plan when activated by school employees.

When teacher Karen Seeberg welcomes her students back to school next week, she’ll teach language arts in a building with this state-of-the-art security system.

“We’ve got these wireless remotes that will be in our offices,” she said

Here Aux Sable Middle School in Joliet, principal Edward Boswell showed us there are buttons for alarms everywhere, including under secretary desks.

“So our secretary would push these buttons if she sees someone coming through or on our monitor.”

If teachers and students in the hallways see an intruder, dozens of bright yellow boxes are within reach, which can also set off a security emergency plan designed to stop an intruder with deadly intentions.

Many of the adults at the school, including all administrators and monitors, will wear wireless pendants that, when activated by pressing two buttons, can set off alarms, immediately close fire doors and alert the police of trouble.

It is designed to trap an intruder and get police to the scene quickly, without even calling 911.

Every school in Plainfield District 202 has the same security system, much of it installed as a result of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Boswell said the system his designed to prevent an intruder, like at Sandy Hook, from forcibly entering the building and then gaining access to classrooms or other areas of the school where students and faculty are congregated.

The security system would cost $180,000 but officials say the alarm company that already had a contract with Plainfield District 202 donated the new equipment in exchange for an extension of its deal.