CHICAGO (CBS) — A 25-year-old Chicago man is recovering on Monday after he was mauled by five pit pulls over the weekend.

The dogs escaped from a fenced area and attacked Nikita Hampton on Chicago’s West Side, near Roosevelt and Kedzie.

Hampton’s family says the dogs escaped Saturday afternoon and chased down Hampton, tearing flesh from his body.

People passing by stopped and were able to chase the dogs away.

“Thanks to all the people who jumped out of their cars to help me and to help get the dogs off my son,” said Hampton’s step-father, Shawn Taylor.

“He wouldn’t have lived because they were on him, and every time he tried to get up, they pulled him back down.

“Any kind of irresponsible dog owner should be punished.”

The dogs owner did not comment, but he was cited for failing to vaccinate the dogs and for failing to secure them.

The dogs were taken by animal control.

2nd Ward Ald. Robert Fioretti is calling for tougher dog laws, fines and penalties for irresponsible dog owners.