CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Aldermen have advanced a measure to come down harder on bicyclists who ride the sidewalks around North Sheridan Road, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Ald. Harry Osterman (48th) says some seniors who live along a stretch of North Sheridan Road from Ardmore to West Sheridan Road have been injured by bicyclists illegally hurtling down the sidewalks. He wants to hike the fine for that from $50 to $200.

“Trying to raise awareness to cyclists as to what the rules of the road are is important. I think this is one section of my community that has historically had problems given the close proximity to the bike paths. It is the entrance to the bike path at Ardmore that I felt it necessary to increase the penalties there,” said Osterman.

The City Council’s Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee has approved the measure and it heads now to the full Council.